isnack 2.0 - Vegemite's disaster or success?

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Tuesday 6 October 2009

I feel I wouldn't be a proper blogger unless I said something about Kraft's vegemite cream cheese debacle. In case you haven't heard about it, they renamed their vegemite cream cheese as "isnack 2.0". It was so bad they had to can it (no pun intended) and have now left it open for 6 other equally crap but new names to be chosen.

However, here is a list of other alternative, albeit politically incorrect, names that did not make the list for us to choose from (in no particular order):

  • Voldemite - the spread whose name cannot be mentioned
  • Wedgiemite - somehow combines eating vegemite and getting a wedgie
  • Jackomite - in memory of Michael Jackson as it started out black and is getting lighter
  • Cheesewax - no description necessary
  • Fromage noir - it's french for blackcheese
  • Vegemite cream cheese (a plain and simple description of what it is that just might work)


Pennie said...

The name Vegemite has been in the news and on our lips for months now so that can't be bad publicity for them can it. I predict that cheese stuff will vanish from our shelves soon and we'll all go back to our beloved Vegemite with a smile on our faces! Well I for one won't be buying it whatever it's called :-)

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