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Thursday 15 December 2011

I grew up in a town not far from another town called Mumbil, sorry what was that name you asked again, that's right near a town called Mumbil. Apart from the obvious question of why anybody would ever call a town Mumbil, during the time that I lived near the town called Mumbil, it became famous for the "Mumbil murders".

What are the Mumbil murders I hear you ask?

Well basically there is a tip (rubbish dump) near Mumbil and one day when a Mumbil tip worker was bulldozering (is that a word) some of the rubbish, the bulldozer tipped over two lockers (you know the ones from schools) and out popped two bodies. He immediately called the police and there was a big investigation and I think it was years after someone was eventually convicted and put in gaol.

Even more reason why I know about the Mumbil murders is that one of the suspects lived only a couple of houses up the street from us (although he was ultimately cleared of any part in the whole fiasco, but hopefully that doesn't take away too much of the drama to the story).

Anyway, you are probably asking why am I now writing about it on my blog?

Well poor old Mumbil is in the news again, for unfortunately another murder mystery. An article from the Daily Telegraph today is entitled "Appeal for help in Mumbil cold case" which details a shooting which occurred 1996, which may or may not have links to a bikie gang or gangs, and also talks about how new DNA technology is being used which could greatly assist in solving the murder.

Let's hope they solve it, but in honour of my links to good old Mumbil, which doesn't really have the brightest of pasts nor the brightest of futures, I thought I would give a big shout out to Mumbil, or anyone who has ever heard of the place.


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