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Thursday 15 December 2011

I have been blogging for a few years now and being a blogger one of the things I do is follow other blogs (over 100). However along with a few other things I have started in December, another thing I thought I would do is to start giving a shout out to some of the other blogs that I keep up with. Interestingly most of the blogs are run by people I have never met in person, nor even had any communication at all, (apart from the odd comment here and there on each others blogs).

Anyway starting in no particular order, I thought I would outline Kirribilli Kim and Vanishing Point.

The first one is Kirribilli Kim, which is run by someone called Kim who lives in Kirribilli (my investigative skills are incredible). She is from somewhere in America and has lots of interesting photos of herself and others on her blog (including lots of fun photos with her arms out and / or in some type of reverse planking pose). Though one of the best things about her blog is her observation of language. A few that I have loved are lost the plot, ripper, how did you find, flats, wouldn’t say no to, and to be over something.

Second is Vanishing Point. This is run by a guy called Ben, who used to live somewhere in the inner west and now lives somewhere down south. It appears that some people I know comment on his blog, but not sure whether they just follow his blog like I do, or if they actually know him (unlike me). He has been doing a lot of gardening lately, loves snoopy and drawing, and one of the most ingenious things I have seen him do is to get other people to write his blog for him (see the Book Review Wednesday - brilliant). However the thing I have really been enjoying lately on his blog are his train observations. Some of his best are After you, laptop, train people, tatts ahoy, anschlag, train people and Yawn to be Wild.

Anyway, stay tuned to find out about the other blogs I follow, but as for today, a big shout out to Ben and Kim.


KIM said...

hey, thanks!! i'm so glad someone besides my mom is enjoying my blog :) though, just for the record, i suppose my dirty little secret is that i don't actually live in kirribilli ... but it sounds better with "kim" than where i actually do live :) and i do love it :)

so glad you liked the language updates -- i am an english teacher, so it rather goes with the territory :) thanks again!!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Thanks mate, that is very kind. Nice to be blugged. Thanks for noticing the diabolical mastermind at work in slowly but surely getting other people to do the hard work for me. Mwah ha ha!

Anyways, thanks again!

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