Daily Vowel Movements Caption Contest 3

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Saturday 2 February 2013

Exactly the same rules as my First Caption Contest.

1. Think of a caption for what you think would make this picture funny.
2. Write it in the comments below.
3. After a sufficient* amount of time I will choose the best one (that is funniest).
4. I will caption the picture with a speech bubble and repost it (And if you have a blog or website I will link to it - free advertising).

Good luck.

* sufficient time is the time it takes to get more than one comment.


Di said...

"Camel lot! Camel lot!
I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
But in Camel lot, Camel lot
That's how conditions are."

GeoffK said...

Girl : "Look Humpy - They made a ginormous Tetris block just like the one on my dress!"

Lindi said...

If I let it rip here, they'll blame your breath, Camel!

or conversely:

Phaw, little girl, that's even worse than my breath!!

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