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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Today’s word is homograph, which is a word to describe a word of the same written form but one that has a different meaning.

There are some really great examples of it and in case you were wondering, it is homographs which make the English language so difficult to learn as a second language.

· He was present to present the present.

· Ice cream is a great dessert in the desert if you desert your diet.

· The farmer taught his sow to sow, and his wife taught the sow to sew.

The first sentence is what I am calling a triple homograph, although the latter two are nearly triple homograph (which are even more rare than the double homographs, especially in a sentence).

Does anyone know of other examples, double or triples or more?

Feel free to let me know if you ever come across a word you think may be appropriate for this part of my blog.


KIM said...

Oh for goodness sake -- ESL students actually get these pretty well, it's verb tenses and articles and phrasal verbs and such that really drive them crazy!!

There's whole lists of these circulating ... Polish the Polish furniture, The minute amount of water lasted only for a minute, How much produce does Hawaii produce?, etc.

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